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    Neutrophil gelatinase-associated transport lipoprotein (neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin NGAL) is Kieldsen et al., 1993 in the study of neutrophil-specific granule discovery of a small molecule secreted glycoproteins[1]. MRNA of human organs and tissues have a low steady-state analysis found that NGAL expression in multiple tissues of human organs[2]. Studies have shown that NGAL diverse biological effects and is closely associated with a variety of pathophysiological processes[3-4]. Mishra observation group to study ischemia-reperfusion injury in cisplatin-induced nephrotoxicity into the urine NGAL levels were significantly higher in mice[5], subsequent clinical studies further demonstrate NGAL closely associated with kidney damage[6-7], NGAL as a new early kidney damage Biochemical markers of widespread concern. Immunological detection can detect body fluids and have a sensitive antigen-antibody specificity and so on[8]. Establish NGAL immunoassay method for clinical monitoring of early renal damage is significant.

    Currently, NGAL quantitative immunoassay kits mainly rely on imports, expensive, high cost. Our R & D team prepared NGAL high affinity monoclonal antibodies with high specificity. And on this basis, established NGAL protein sandwich ELISA Immunoassay detection method. Preliminary evaluation and clinical application of this method through to prove two strains of monoclonal antibodies 1G2,4H11 our films have a good clinical value. And the established method is capable of detecting body fluid specimens native NGAL protein.

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