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    Heparin-binding protein (HBP), also known as Azurocidin or cationic antimicrobial protein (CAP37), is a multifunctional protein with bactericidal and chemotactic properties, mainly present in neutrophils. secretory granules and azurophilic granules. Due to its broad antibacterial activity and promoting vascular leakage, it has become an emerging infectious disease-related biomarker.

    Clinical significance

    1. Predict the risk of shock and the occurrence of organ dysfunction in patients with severe infection;

    2. Early diagnosis, evaluation and monitoring of efficacy in patients with sepsis;

    3. Auxiliary diagnosis of urinary tract infection.

    HBP reference value

    Normal value: < 10ng/ml

    General infection: 2~20 ng/ml

    Serious infection: 100~1000 ng/ml

    Critically ill: >1000 ng/ml

    Profile of HBP