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    Chitinase-3-like protein 1, (CHI3L1) is a monomeric glycosylated protein containing 383 amino acids and a molecular weight of 42.6kD. It is a member of the glycosyl hydrolase family. It can bind chitin but has no chitinase activity and plays an important role in inflammation and tissue remodeling. The expression of CHI3L1 is tissue-specific, highly expressed in the liver, and significantly increased in liver cirrhosis and liver fibrosis. Therefore, the expression level of CHI3L1 can reflect the degree of liver cirrhosis and liver fibrosis. CHI3L1 detection has the characteristics of high specificity, high sensitivity, safety and non-invasive serological detection.

    clinical significance

    1. Diagnosis, staging and dynamic detection of liver fibrosis;

    2. Diagnosis, prognosis evaluation, treatment effect monitoring and disease course monitoring of liver cirrhosis;

    3. Research on efficacy tracking and prognosis of adjuvant antiviral therapy.

    CHI3L1 reference value:

    Prompt for cirrhosis: >134ug/L

    Significant liver fibrosis: 79-134ug/L

    No significant liver fibrosis: <79ug/L

    Profile of CHI3L1