Company Profile

Chongqing Biomean Technology Co.,Ltd (trade name: Fantibody), founded in 2012, is a professional biotechnology company specialized in the research and development of high-quality antigens & antibodies. The core team has been working on antibody development in China since 1995.

Now we have unique antigen design technology, proprietary and efficient expression system, antibody library, and sheep monoclonal antibody development technology. The company’s main products are recombinant antigens and antibodies based on genetic engineering technology. Our product categories cover the diagnosis antibodies for the cardiovascular diseases, tumor markers, inflammations, liver and kidney function, pregnancy, infectious diseases, gastric function, etc.

As a leading manufacturer of antigen & antibodies in China, we will continue to provide high-quality products to assist our customers in meeting their needs of the accurate diagnoses.

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Our  Technology

Escherichia coli expression system

Scalable, low cost, simple culture condition.

Yeast expression system

Eukaryotic, Scalable, simple media requirement.

Mammalian Expression System

Natural expression similarity, transient or stable expression

Polyclonal antibody

Mouse monoclonal antibody

Recombinant antibody